Rif.: SEI Dev_1649432339

DevOps Engineer


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DevOps Engineer

SEI Dev_1649432339

DevOps Engineer

Job Type: Permanent, Full-Time
Location: Remote
Salary: Up to $150K


This position requires a foundation of software development knowledge, and the ability to work in an Agile team environment. The candidate should be adaptable, possess a wide range of technical skills, and demonstrate the ability to understand evolving DevSecOps requirements. The candidate will lead a team of DevOps engineers that are responsible for automating and containerizing our products for deployment to the cloud by writing code in Python or similar languages using AWS/Azure APIs and Terraform.


- Lead large DevOps initiatives, deploying and monitoring web applications in Hybrid Cloud Environment (on premise based Private Cloud-Azure)
- Work on cloud transformation projects for enterprise scale applications
- Assist teams working on cloud based computing and automating systems to increase system efficiency and lower the human intervention time on any task.


- A minimum of 3 years of hands on experience leading a central DevSecOps practice team. This includes defining and implementing end-to-end automation for the build, deployment, alerting, and monitoring standards for the platform that can be consistently adopted by multiple agile development teams or standalone product teams.
- A minimum of 3 years of experience with Infrastructure as Code and infrastructure testing strategies; including code tools like Terraform, and Ansible.
- Extensive experience with application containerization using Docker running in Kubernetes cluster, managed with Rancher and persistence support using PortWorx
- Hands on experience with a variety of DevSecOps and CI/ CD tools/ technologies: such as Ansible, GitLab, Datadog, Sonar, NeuVector, Jenkins, Bamboo, Maven, Artifactory and/or NPM
- Experience working with SQL and NoSQL databases like Oracle, MySQL, Redis, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Cloud Data Platforms like Snowflake
- Experience with modern SOA and micro-services applications using message queues
- Experience with systems reliability, load balancing, monitoring, logging
- Strong scripting skills, including shell scripts, Perl, Ruby, Python, Go, Groovy, Helm, etc

Please email t.gruendel@nigelfrank.com for immediate consideration!