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AWS Data Engineer - Oslo


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AWS Data Engineer - Oslo


We are looking for a Data Engineer to bring data-driven insights into the agricultural industry in Norway!

You will work directly with our product which is an open platform for gathering & analysing data to increase knowledge sharing amongst the farming and agricultural community - our goal is to create a more sustainable future for all

Your role will involve building data products from our core platform using technologies such as AWS, Snowflake, DBT, SQL, and Python

You will work alongside fellow data engineers, as well as data scientists, application developers, product owners and our R&D team who bring deep domain knowledge

Your tasks can include:

* Building data transformations and data pipelines
* Integrating data from different sources
* Automating processes
* Ensuring data quality
* Contributing towards the expansion of our data platform

We are looking for you to bring:

* Academic background in an engineering or computer science related subject
* 3+ years experience in a data engineering position
* Experience using data platforms to build data products
* Competency with SQL & Python
* Experience working in a cloud environment (preferably AWS)
* Experience will tools such as Snowflake, DBT, Databricks, Airflow, Spark is beneficial

What's in it for you?

You will be part of a small but highly skilled working environment with 30 colleagues across engineering, data, product, and management

Opportunities to work with new and modern technologies - we encourage exploring new tools and are always open to suggestions for improvement

We value personal & professional development with opportunities learn new tools, methods, and soft skills - whether you see yourself as a future tech/team lead, architect, or even taking a step into an entirely new field!

The value you create will directly impact farmers and the agricultural industry across Norway in a positive way

Contributing to developing effective and sustainable agriculture for the future

We offer enhanced pension & insurances, along with many other practical benefits

We are a down-to-earth and committed team who share common passions - we create an inclusive & fun working environment and hold regular social activities for those who want to attend

For any questions contact Lucy on l.whiting@frankgroup.com