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D365 CE Marketing Specialist


  • Developer/Programmer Poste
  • Compétences: CRM/Dynamics/Application Consultant/Developer/Sweden/Stockholm/Malmo/Goteborg/Marketing
  • Niveau: Senior

Description du poste

D365 CE Marketing Specialist


Job Title: Dynamics CRM Marketing Specialist

Job Overview and responsibilities involved in this position:

✨Design, implement, and optimize marketing campaigns within the Dynamics CRM platform. Customize and configure the Dynamics CRM platform to meet the specific needs of the marketing team. Tailor the system to capture relevant marketing data, including leads, customer interactions, and campaign performance metrics.

✨Integration and Collaboration: Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including sales and customer service, to ensure seamless integration between CRM and other business systems.
Facilitate the exchange of data and information to enhance overall customer experience and support integrated marketing efforts.

✨ Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure seamless integration between marketing, sales, and customer service systems.

✨ Analyze data and metrics to provide insights that drive marketing strategy and decision-making. Generate reports and dashboards that provide actionable intelligence for marketing strategy and decision-making.

✨ Stay updated on the latest CRM trends and technologies to continuously enhance our marketing capabilities.

Qualifications to be successful in this role:

Proven experience in implementing and customizing Dynamics CRM for marketing purposes.

Strong analytical skills and the ability to derive actionable insights from data.

Technical proficiency in CRM configuration, workflows, and integration with marketing tools.

Excellent communication and collaboration skills for cross-functional teamwork.

Familiarity with other CRM's such as Salesforce is beneficial but not a requirement!

Interviews will be taking place from Monday 8th January, please reach out to me if this role sounds interesting or if you have any specific questions about the position.

Contact details: Telephone +46850242536
Email - l.beesley@frankgroup.com