Ref.: 03102022_1646918935

Azure Software Developer


Descripción del puesto

Azure Software Developer


Job Description

Skills & Qualifications

- Experience with .NET Web API and RESTful APIs.
- Knowledge of .NET Core / .Net Framework
- ​Proven experience with Azure and various PaaS solutions within Azure, including (but not limited to) Cosmos DB, Service Bus, App Services, Azure (Cognitive) Search, Storage, Key Vault, App Insights, API Management
- Experience with Logic App Services (iPaaS) is appreciated
- Experience with CI/CD pipelines (preferably with Azure DevOps)
- ​Experience with common test frameworks (MSTest, NUnit, etc.) and writing unit tests.
- ​Good understanding of software principles such as SOLID, DRY, YAGNI, KISS, etc.
- Good understanding of OO concepts and widely used design patterns.
- ​Experience with asynchronous programming (async/await) in C#.
- ​Good knowledge of Agile practices such as SCRUM
- Knowledge of Infrastructure as Code
- ​Excellent communication skills and team player