Ref.: 0101_1669737687

Security Network Consultant (Zero Trust) Contract


  • Consultant Puesto
  • Competencias: Networking, Cybersecurity, Zero Trust Networking, Threats, Cyber, Network, Governance, Compliance
  • Nivel: Senior

Descripción del puesto

Security Network Consultant (Zero Trust) Contract


Job Description

Role & Responsibilities

* Administer and Overseeing Zero Trust Environment
* Establish road map
* Deployment of Micro Segmentation in Cloud and Data

Key Skills & Qualifications

* Networking and Security Experience
* Deployment and Establishing of complex zero trust enviorments
* Troubleshooting
* Governance, Compliance, Security Assessment, Productivity Optimisation
* Authentication, Threat Intelligence
* Strong understanding of routing, Firewall, SWG, CASB, VPN, DLP, UEBA and RBI
* Cloud and Infrastructure Security Experience
* Presentation and Public speaking skills
* Network Architecture Design


* Working for a Global Leading Insurance Firm
* 1 year contract
* Competitive hourly rate