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.NET developer



.NET developer


Are you ready to join the leading and most experienced provider of bond and loan agency services in the Nordic region?

Position: Fullstack Developer

Key Responsibilities:

* Work with clients to extract and document requirements.
* Develop clean, maintainable code on the .NET stack, utilizing C# and SQL Server.
* Demonstrate proficiency in web frameworks (specifically React), JavaScript, and Typescript.
* Utilize strong debugging skills for both web apps and backend.
* Write an appropriate amount of automated tests for robust code.
* Display good communication skills in both Norwegian and English.


* 3 years of experience in fullstack development.
* Bachelor's degree in a relevant field.
* Proficient with Git.
* Familiarity with CSS and experience with web frameworks.
* Structured and systematic approach with creativity and flexibility.
* Excellent problem-solving skills.


* One of the best pensions in the market.
* Very good health insurance with access to specialists and physiotherapists.
* Frequent social gatherings to foster a supportive work environment.
* On-site gym with lockers for a healthy work-life balance.
* Bike parking and bike wash facilities.
* Choice of any phone.
* Nice laptop for home use and excellent desktop facilities in the office with triple-screen large monitors.

Company Culture:

* Environment with minimal red tape; be involved in major decisions.
* Prioritization of helping others with a friendly and supportive team.
* Opportunity to work alongside end-users and share lunch in the same cafeteria.
* Short path to the answers you need for a streamlined workflow.

Additional Information:

* Stable company with strong financials.
* Well-known brand in the capital market.
* No competitors in Norway, Denmark, or Finland; only one competitor in Sweden.

How to Apply: If you are a committed, result-oriented, and self-motivated individual seeking a challenging and rewarding career as a Fullstack Developer, we encourage you to apply. Join us in shaping the future of financial services in the Nordic region.