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Full Stack Developer



Full Stack Developer



As a Full Stack Technical Engineer, you will participate in all aspects of the software development life-cycle which includes estimating, technical design, implementation, documentation, testing, deployment and support of application developed for our clients. As a member working in a team environment you will work with solution architects and developers on interpretation/translation of wire frames and creative designs into functional requirements, and subsequently into technical design.

* Architecture, estimating, developing, testing, and delivering.
* Build and deploy new and cutting-edge features for our online stores and artist websites and campaigns
* Build systems integration with various eCommerce and consumer marketing platforms (CRM, AdTech, MarTech, Customer Service Tech) to surface data on our online properties.
* Provide technical support or leadership in the development and continual improvement of service.
* Develop and maintain effective working relationships with team members.
* Demonstrate the ability to adapt and work with team members of various experience level.


* 13+ years of work experience in software design and development, and hands-on experience in building large-scale services/distributed systems.
* Solid understanding of general eCommerce and consumer marketing technologies
* GoLang experience A MUST
* Strong experience integrating with web services (GraphQL or gRPC) and third-party libraries
* Strong experience of relational and NoSQL databases such as PostgreSQL, MySQL/MariaDB and MongoDB and Redis
* Experience with Docker
* Proficiency in modern design patterns and development languages including JavaScript, Typescript, Python, HTML5, and CSS3
* Proficiency in responsive design principles
* Proficiency in NodeJS, NPM, JavaScript (ES2019+), ESLint and coding standards, webhooks, and general data transfer approaches
* Proficiency in secure software development
* Experience in building products with full-stack technologies, with excellent understanding of computer science fundamentals, data structures, algorithms, OOPs and OOA/D
* Experience with agile development methodologies with Test Driven Development (TDD)
* Experience with Jenkins Setup CI/CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous delivery)
* Able to define, design, implement complex, and scalable systems
* Good team player and communication skills


* BA degree preferred