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Embedded Software Developer


  • €4,500 to €6,500 EUR
  • Other Stelle
  • Fähigkeiten: C, C++, RTOSs, FreeRTOS, VxWorks, QNX, uC/OS-II/III, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, BeagleBone
  • Level: Mid-level


Embedded Software Developer


Embedded Software Developer

I am actively working with a small but agile consultancy based in Finland who are seeking an Embedded Developer to come and join their existing workforce.

Currently, the company is less than 20 people in size but each individual comes with a wealth of experience in their chosen area of technology. They specialize in Test Automation/QA, Embedded Software Systems, and Business Intelligence and Data Engineering.

You would be joining their Embedded development team who are experts in this area. Their experience includes working with global industrial companies and growing small and medium-sized enterprises alike. They design and implement software solutions for their customers - for embedded systems and for system level software. They also focus on helping our customers to navigate the challenges of software testing and training internal testing experts within organizations.

They often work as members of a customer's internal development team. Moving forward, their target is to increasingly relieve companies of the burden of managing software projects.

Key Skills:

* Experience with C and C++

* Familiarity with popular RTOSs like FreeRTOS, VxWorks, QNX, or uC/OS-II/III is essential for real-time embedded systems development

* Knowledge of development boards such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino, BeagleBone, or custom hardware platforms.

* Communication Skills: Effective communication with development teams, product managers, and other stakeholders is vital. Clear and concise reporting of test results and issues is essential for collaboration.

* Adaptability: The software development landscape is constantly evolving. A good embedded developer should be adaptable and willing to learn new tools and technologies as they emerge.

* Collaboration: Working well in a team and collaborating with developers, testers, and other stakeholders is important for a smooth testing process.

If this sounds like something you could be interested in or you know someone who may be open to an opportunity like this, please apply to this advert or reach out via email at e.thompson1@nigelfrank.com