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Referenz: 17/01/2023 SR_1705491205

D365 F&O developer - Stockholm



D365 F&O developer - Stockholm

17/01/2023 SR_1705491205

D365 F&O developer - Stockholm

As "developer" you will be responsible for creating and maintaining customer modifications and ERP standard features. This will in general mean being responsible for developing, maintaining and improving code based on designs or instructions. As a developer you're not restricted to just developing in X++ but development can happen in the power platform, SQL, .Net or other languages as well, depending on needs and individual skills.

Main tasks

* Create and maintain technical designs based on functional designs
* Give input on functional designs
* Develop and maintain solutions and functionality
* Participate in the "Architect board" if requested
* Perform analyses
* Act as 2 and 3-level support
* Troubleshooting/Debugging

Main job assignments

The "Developer" will be expected to develop solutions and functionality in line with the design as well as updating the design and creating technical design. The "Developer is also expected to analyse designs and give feedback accordingly as well as independently creating new designs from a technical starting point. Analysing standard D365/AX, ERP functionality and the created designs will also be expected. Finally, the "Developer" will find themselves responsible for providing second and third level support in issues requiring developer knowledge and/or skill.

35,000 - 60,000 sek


* Sales have doubled in this market and it is quickly become larger across the Nordics.
* A very strong internal team
* Tight nit employee community
* Great company culture and values

Applicants are desired to have at least 3 years experience and will be able to confidently work within technical design, ERP systems and Dynamics AX.

If you would be interested in hearing more about this role please get in touch by email, phone or LinkedIn.

You can call me directly on +46 77 588 86 10 or send your CV to s.radford@nigelfrank.com