• Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Date Posted: 9th Jul, 2019
  • Reference: 07092019AA

Specific requirements:

- SQL availability groups

- Microsoft Certified

- Experience with Azure & cloud environments

- Hands on experience and knowledge/experience dealing with the latest tehcnologies and best practices

- Management and demonstrated ability working with developers and staff to ultimately, "move the business forward"

- (not necessarily required) Azure platform experience is a plus

- Expertise in owning and strategically mapping the future

- Has prior experience with the traditional backups, refreshes, vendor management, monitoring, etc.

- 10+ years of SQL DBA expertise honing ones' skills, as well as management 2+ years

Project Details:

Expert level architect/ engineer who can also manage a small team for the firms SQ DB, taking care of day to day operations and tasks associated with managing and owning these environments. This person should have experience with backups, Azure and experience managing teams.

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