• Location: Houston, Minnesota
  • Salary: $145000 - $146000 per annum + 20% Bonus
  • Technology: Microsoft Azure Jobs
  • Job Type: Permanent
  • Date Posted: 16th May, 2019
  • Reference: 420

We are seeking a Solutions Architect to join our Solutions team, spearheading our client's customer's first experience with our technology expertise. In this role, you will educate and collaborate with customers to create customized technical solutions to meet their specific business needs. You will help them increase business value and overcome challenges during the solution engineering phase of our customized IOT projects. You'll always be challenged with something new as we rarely have 'boxed solutions'. Technical detail is still a requirement, but you are in front of the business, speaking with stakeholders. Your job is to come up with the overall solution blocks, what technologies to use and how to use them and you are the key enabler for our Account Executives. If you are a technology expert, with a desire to provide potential customers with the best customer experience, this is the right challenge for you.

What is required?

Various level of experience in IOT Architecture, Application Architecture and Deployment Architecture

* Proficiency with the following IOT architecture concepts:

o Good Understating of Industrial IOT Use Cases

o Device Connectivity o Device Identity

o Device Twins o Device Provisioning

o Device Telemetry and Command

o Cloud gateway (IOT Hub)/ Message Routing

o Real Time Stream Processing (Time Series Data Analysis)

o High level understanding of different types of Device Hardware (Micro controllers, PLCs, HMIs, Gateway devices)

o High level understanding of different types of Device OS (Linux, Windows IOT Core, Free RTOS, Azure Sphere)

o High level understanding of different types of Machine to machine Communication protocols (OPCUA, Modbus)

o High Level Understanding of IOT Edge Runtime o High Level Understanding of predictive Analytics and its application in an IOT Solution

* Experience within at least the last 1-2 years in the following IOT technical skills:

o Setup and Configuration of IOT Cloud Gateways

o Setup and Integration of Real time Stream Processing Service with IOT cloud Gateway for anomaly detection and real time alerting

o IOT SDK Implementation to Connect to Cloud Gateway

o Device Telemetry and Command Message implementation using json over MQTT or AMQP

o Device Simulation

o Device provisioning

o IOT Edge Container Implementations and Deployments using Docker (preferred)

o Device Messaging and Connectivity troubleshooting

* Experience within at least the last 4 years in the following application development technologies:

o Microsoft .Net with ASP.NetMVC

o No SQL (MongoDB) / RDBMS (SQL Server)

o Restful API Design and Development

o Azure Service Bus or similar message brokering framework

o Realtime Notification frameworks (Signal R) (preferred)

o Single page application frameworks

o Azure AD w/o B2C (preferred)

* At least 1-2 years of end to end experience in implementing IOT Services on Cloud Platform

* Experience with designing highly available, scalable systems with good understanding of physical architecture

* Familiarity with Containers with Docker and Container Orchestration (Preferred)

* At least handled small and medium Azure deployments

* Strong analytical skills to break down business problems and effectively use technology concepts to come up with software solution blueprints

* Experience with client facing roles

* excellent communication skills and ability to articulate concepts to both business and technology teams